Rotary Actuator DKX-E Series
Rotary Actuator DKX-E Series

The rotary actuator DKX-E series is a hydraulically controlled valve actuator that cannot withstand bending moments and is mainly used for performing the switching action of the valve. They are mainly used for opening or closing the valves in the petrochemical and ship industry.

Key product specifications
  • Standard working pressure: 13.5Mpa
  • Standard rotation angle: 90°
  • Driving torque: 125N.M~32000N.M
  • Opening and closing speed: continuously adjustable for 1~60s
  • Torque output forms: customer-specified
  • Mounting type: floor flange
  • Special models (torque, mounting type and dimensions, etc.) can be customized.
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  • 01Compact configurations

    Large rotation angle is used inside the actuator to shorten the piston stroke.

  • 02High bearing capacity

    The actuator has a special internal structure that allows the actuator to withstand large axial and radial loads.

  • 03Zero leakage

    The unique sealing design allows the actuator to have only a very small amount of leakage that approaches zero.

  • 04Load directly connected

    The load that needs to be driven can be connected directly to the torque output end.

  • 05Customized module

    Customized production can be made according to different needs of customers.

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Application fields

Rotary actuators have a wide range of applications, and they can be used in any operating conditions that require rotation, such as excavator attachments, aerial work platforms, automotive engineering, garbage collection vehicles, sanitation machinery, side and rear loaders, tunnel machinery and construction machinery, geological exploration machinery, agricultural machinery, valve actuators and mechanisms that require station conversion (ships....).

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